You would be hard-pressed to find someone that doesn't love Pic’s Peanut Butter in New Zealand. But similar to their rugby, Australians are severely lacking in their peanut butter game. To spread the good word across the ditch, we developed a sampling campaign with a feel-good twist.


Campaign Creative

Social Strategy

Content Production

Campaign Execution

Just Pay It Forward

Pic’s eaters are a loyal bunch, so we needed a way to leverage this existing community of brand advocates to increase trial. Inspired by the movie “Pay It Forward”, we opened the floodgates to peanut butter lovers across Australia and NZ. Social Media led users to a custom micro-site, where they could nominate “good sorts” for a free jar. How did the rest of this puppy work? Watch the video fella. 

Pic's Pay it Forward

High fives all round

Over 3,000 nominations, 1,300 email database sign ups and heaps of peanut butter later, we had an impressive map detailing where each jar had ended up and why, and over 10,000 peanut butter loving visitors to the campaign micro site.


Pics fans from New Zealand and across the ditch simply couldn't get enough. Nomination after nomination flooded in with good sorts paying it forward. The fans spread the love and we delivered the delicious goods. 

Simply chuffed

We love working with good products and good people - and you couldn't meet a nicer guy than Pic Picot. Last we heard they've been sending Pic's over to 'Straya by the truckload - now someone just needs to tell them about Vogels.

Pic's Pay it Forward Map