Everybody loves a David & Goliath story, so when Rogue Society called to let us know the big guy in America was throwing his weight around, we came out punching. With a loyal NZ following, a fast-growing export market, and trademark law doing them the dirty, together we’ve tackled a Rogue Society rebrand head on.

Scapegrace. Same Drop. Different Name.


Campaign Creative

Social Strategy

Content Production

Campaign Execution

What a tease.

With a bevvy of cryptic iconography and historic name changes to match, we sparked the Scapegrace brand flame through a series of carefully-crafted posters, used in both traditional outdoor and digital media. People were left guessing, and organic engagement went through the roof.

Scapegrace Posters
Scapegrace Video

The Big Reveal

With a strategic release of the hero campaign film, the enigma of Scapegrace suddenly went from sparks to a blazing inferno, revealing what had been kept hidden behind closed doors for so long.

An 18th century word for rogue

Fans across the nation embraced the change, and messages of support flooded in. Corroborating content cemented the new name, and henceforth our favourite gin was known as Scapegrace. The thing we're most proud of is that the campaign reflected what Rogue Society was and Scapegrace continues to be - a brand for libertines, the free-spirited, the independent. 

The journey continues

Through a tight creative campaign and a laser focused social strategy, we were truly able to turn lemons into lemonade. The campaign has provided a launch pad for the brand to pivot domestically within NZ but also take on the world under one global brand. As this brand continues to grow we're excited to be along for the ride and spread the word about the best gin in the world.