To achieve a Smokefree Aotearoa by 2025 we need to get creative. The team at Richards Partner's came to us with a well-defined challenge - to reach South Auckland youths. Our answer was a Snapchat campaign that harnessed the voices and creativity of the target audience.


Campaign Creative

Social Strategy

Content Production

Campaign Execution

Just keep snappin'

We built the Snapped Out NZ community from the ground up. By the end of six weeks we had 1,100 and 3,400 followers on Snapchat and Facebook respectively. Historically, the target audience were difficult to reach and unresponsive. By speaking their language (visual and written) in the place that they interact, we were able to start a powerfully authentic, two-way conversation.

Snapped out on the Radio

Not your Mums smokefree campaign

Campaign content wasn't designed to inform or lecture - this kind of advertising already existed. Instead, it asked an often overlooked community to speak. To really change perceptions of smoking we knew it had to come from them. The involvement of a well-known, locally respected influencer added further credibility. The outcome? More than half of overall campaign content was user generated.


The community be thriving.

At the end of six weeks, the campaign culminated in a gallery exhibition in South Auckland, which received mainstream media coverage. The target audience could see for themselves that they were the ones who set the stage for change. An empowered target audience, the creation of community advocates, and young people pledging to flick the habit - all the result of 10 second snaps.