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Motion Sickness affirms He Whakaputanga and Te Tiriti o Waitangi as the cornerstone of Aotearoa.

Helping young people find their place in the industry with complex science.

Commercial Communications Council

ACE Advertising Careers

The NZ advertising industry can sell a beer, a phone or a phone company with ease - yet they can’t seem to sell themselves. With fewer young people entering the industry, and even fewer knowing what advertising careers are about, the Commercial Communications Council needed to boost recruitment. Advertising has a diverse set of roles, with philosophers, designers and accountants all under one roof. With that comes a diverse set of personalities.

So we created A.C.E (Advertising Careers Engine) – a scientifically complex quiz that matches your personality traits with a dream career in advertising. Your quiz results lead you to unique insights on different ad roles, day-in-the-life videos and legitimate information about ad land on the website. The A.C.E quiz is the catalyst for an upcoming wider campaign to recruit young people by tapping into their quirks.